Bulgarian is one of the 24 official languages in the EU. Learning Bulgarian is an exciting experience. About 10 million people around the world speak Bulgarian nowadays. It is an easy to read language and not (too) hard to pronounce. Its grammar rules could seem challenging, but get ready to enjoy great popularity in Bulgaria   as soon as you start speaking Bulgarian. We, Bulgarians, are happy to offer complete support and understanding to everyone who shows willingness to speak Bulgarian.

So, go for it! Come along to BOOK’ s offices HERE in Sofia, Dragalevtsi district, 6 Tsar Ivan Aleksandar square or HERE, Sofia, Gotse Delchev district, 23 Silivria and start your individual Bulgarian course today! How long is it supposed to be? It takes different time for every person. We recommend that you start with at least 20 academic hours.  An academic hour is 40 minutes long. You will shortly start reading, understanding and verbally producing your first phrases in Bulgarian. Consider how much time you feel ready to spend.   Our experienced teachers will take you all the way from your first word in Bulgarian to the fluency you want or need!

Choose the prepaid lesson package that suits best to you. The prices are per person.

10 academic hours –  180 lv

20 academic hours – 350 lv

30 academic hours – 530 lv


“Bring a friend” – 5%

“Family members”- 10% from the fee of the second family member

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